04 September 2016

Mini Review: Kamikaze Girls – “Sad”

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KG---Sad---Web-1500pxKamikaze Girls is a UK based duo, comprised of singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone and Conor Dawson on drums. The band’s style reminds me somewhat of the Cranberries and the Smashing Pumpkins, overall reminiscent of the early 90s Seattle alternative rock movement with a touch of 80s British New Wave. The band is definitely more alternative rock than the punk moniker that they ascribe to themselves, which is not necessarily a bad thing as punk rock overall can be quite limiting.

For a two piece, the Kamikaze Girls manage to raise quite a racket. The song arrangements are simple, yet powerful, with some catchy drum grooves over heavy fuzzed out guitars. The tracks that really stand out on this EP are “Black Coffee” and the bonus track “Tonic Youth”, which is a new personal favorite.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: A. Dorian




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