12 October 2015

KLOGR working on pre-production of their third album

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A few months after the release of the EP “Make Your Stand” and one year after their second full length “Black Snow”, KLOGR, are back on work for the pre-production of their third album with the collaboration of producers Jody Gray and Roberto Priori.

Members of KLOGR will enter the studio in 2016 and frontman Rusty has given a brief and positive progress report about the album and the future of the band:

“The mutual understanding and harmony established between myself and PQ (guitarist Pietro Quilichini) in the writing session was incredible. We’re amazed by the songs we’ve written and we can’t wait to start working on the production of this new album”.

Renewed, therefore, the artistic partnership between Rusty and PQ, further involved in the KLOGR project.

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