11 March 2019


Hailing from Finland and starting out in 2012, LAZY BONEZ have been described as Nordic Metal. KISS OF THE NIGHT is the third album from these Scandinavians. I think one of their finest moments to date is the 2016 collaboration with ex Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin, entitled ‘Racing Heart’. They are not well known in the UK, probably due to only playing their native land on the whole, but they have an impressive back catalogue and some pretty funny and cheesy videos. Finnish humour is quite different from any other, watch them at your peril.

With 11 tracks and 2 bonus ones on offer, it all begins with ‘Everlasting’, some damaging guitars from Markku Mähönen and Mikko Niiranen. Upfront keyboard awareness care of Janne Tolsa and it pulsates with the voice of Tommi “Tuple” Salmela. (Sorry, I had to copy and paste all those names). It’s a fine classy song, lots of elements juggling for attention, so it’s not bland, actually its rather entertaining. The last single ‘Run’ is more harmonic, I would even say commercial. There are some spoken words in the middle and a fabulous guitar in the background. Very mainstream rock, it caters for all. The title track powers along, fast rolling, it allows the guitars more space to standout. The grandiose sound continues through ‘Calling The Wild’ although its a bit dampened and there is a more moody approach.

It’s not until ‘Slaves Of The Dark’ which is a bit lighter in context, that we acquire more of a theme. Well for a while anyway it does a U turn towards the end. Good Drumming from Topi Kosonen at the start of ’Tears Of Gold’ and a catchy chorus, again the guitars are storming throughout. ‘Fire’ has an explosive ending and ’Smile’ is a slower tune, backing vocals sounding like an army. It’s all beginning to blend into one, until we reach the standout number for me, ‘Psych Ward( Under new Management )’. It’s hard to believe it’s the same band, happy go lucky, uplifting and ten stone lighter. It’s not an epic, but you know often less is more. Great Finnish as well ( !)

The obligatory ballad ‘Forever Young’ is everything you would expect, no surprises. A building anthem with a powerful voice and polished to perfection. Bonus tracks ‘Poseidon’ and ‘Follow Me’ are a bit more exhilarating, there is a strong bond of musicianship and both songs are good to go.

So what is Nordic Metal ? Just metal from the Nordic countries as far as I’m aware. LAZY BONEZ are in the style of classic heavy AOR. Add some UFO, TNT and Scorpions and you see where they’re at. It’s not a bad album if you like the aforementioned. The only thing I would change is their name, apart from a load of other bands with the same or similar moniker, it just doesn’t match the style of music. They need something more majestic and richer sounding.

‘the guitars are storming throughout’

Highlights – Slaves of the Dark , Psych Ward (Under New Management ), Forever Young 

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