11 March 2015

Left For Red’s All Things Known and Buried – Album review

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Left For Red - All Things Known And Buried cover

Left for Red’s long awaited debut album ‘All things known and buried’
Local groove monkeys have, over the last few years, assaulted the Midlands with two flavoursome Eps and a ton of seismic live shows and now a highly anticipated Album. They’ve been hailed as ‘sophisticated groove metal’ for those who aren’t really into spitting on stage and giving the middle finger with little excuse. These guys are all about making and playing very enjoyable tunes for you.

After an intro moulded by the fans chanting “left for red, left for red, left for red” we dive right into a track that is gaining popularity like bubblegum in the 80’s. Master of the Game. Which also comes with a video I suggest you all check out!
Master of the game I’m told is loosely about facing your fears but with killer riffs and endless range there’s not a lot to be afraid of.
Master of the game sets an energetic tone for the album with deeply rooted rhythm and grungy sections with a chorus that will just pull all of your attention.
Onto Crooked path, the third track, starting with a cheeky little bass line and a lovely gritty tone throughout elevated by the cleanliness and pitch of the vocals…. What a cowbell?! That was a cowbell. Chorus aside, I find the incredible but overpowering vocals during the verses does flood your attention and distract you from the rest of the song I must admit. But that rhythm though, it just wraps around you and warms you to the core.

‘Reborn’ is the fourth track and a serious crowd pleaser when played live. With the crowd screaming “REBORN!” on queue. A major earworm, this track for all the right reasons, it’s a very balanced and very well written song. I want to take to my heels and sing the Chorus as loud as I can every time I hear this track. Reborn is a such a formidable track with it’s dirty verses but shining chorus that drives right through your bopping head. It’s like a battle of dark and light through our speakers.
You know that satisfying “Bonnnnggggggggg!” when a bass is plugged in and everyone in the room looks to the next guy and pulls the ‘that was sweet’ look?? No? just me then? Must be because the track ‘Shatter’ has just begun. With filthy bass chords nurturing a progression that gives way to a very groovy song, the guys showing their influences loud and proud with this one. Shatter is one hell of a stand out track on this album, feel good but with darkened undertones.
Good vs Evil, light vs dark, seems to be a repeating theme that isn’t stated but if you’re paying attention you’ll clock it and it will devour your interest into this album three fold. ‘Dystopia rising’ and ‘Utopia’ are a clear example of this happening and it works so well. ‘All things know and buried’ ends with ‘Solace in memories’ a truly epic way to end a voyage.

A cracking debut Album with a very well thought out theme that is delivered with charm and intellect. Left For Red, get back in the studio, because we need more!

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