13 December 2017

Lexi Frances Interview Paul Barrow of Death Blooms

Q&A with Midlands Metalheads Radio / Death Blooms (answers by frontman, Paul Barrow)

Firstly, can you give a brief background about the band? How did you meet, what inspired you to work together, your roles within the band….?

Well we’ve all been connected for a long time, myself and Ad are cousins, Mel and Giz are lifelong friends, Ad has played with Mel in bands before, Giz the same. It just took some time for us all to get it together in the right manner!   Myself and Ad had finished our last bands and decided we needed to do something new and heavy, so we started writing demos and then, here we are, finally!

Coming from Manchester and Liverpool, both iconic music locations, where are some of your favourite places to see/discover bands and your favourite places to perform?

I think we’re all similar in the way that we’re totally open minded on everything. Sure, we love certain pockets of music and scenes, but we get excited about music in general. Same goes with shows, we love playing every show, wherever it is. It’s all part of the adventure!

In February this year you were on a really exciting line-up with Skindred and Raging Speedhorn for the “Sound The Siren UK Tour”; how did that arise? What was your favourite part of that experience?

Yeah it was ace! It was really cool to be involved in that in any capacity. Those bands know how to get shit done and are incredibly professional and are known for giving a lot of time to new bands, so it was really humbling to be a part of that.

You’ve just been on tour with Clown Posse and Mushroomhead; who is next on your wish list of artists to perform alongside? Or even collaborate with?

I mean, obviously we’d love to tour with Slipknot, who wouldn’t!? I think in terms of collaboration, we’d love to do something with a bit of hip hop in. Yeah. Definitely that.

You recently released a video to your latest single “Last Ones”. How does the video reflect the story and motive behind the song; what’s the connection you want the audience to understand?

I think that the connection was the feeling of disconnection. Wandering and searching for something you feel like you need, but not realising you already have something – and that something is that connection with other people.


You released your self-titled, debut EP earlier this year; describe the overall feel in three words.

Bang. Your. Head.

The artwork for this EP is very intricate and expressive, who designed it? Explain the process of choosing the right cover.

Our friend Dan Taplin designed the EP artwork. We didn’t even look at other options, this was the only thing we looked at and we knew it made sense right away.

I see you support the charity MIND (for Mental Health Awareness) why is this particular charity so important to you all?

We’ve all had our issues with mental health and it’s no secret. As everyone who lives with it knows, it never goes away, it’s part of your existence; the more we talk about it, the more people become aware that’s it is absolutely a normal part of life – and it needs to be treated the same way as a physical issue. There’s still people who aren’t speaking up, who are suffering in silence and this needs to stop.

What can we look forward to next from Death Blooms?

We have some announcements for next year coming up very soon – there will also be new material released very soon.

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