18 November 2017

Lexi Frances Interviews Naked Six with Seb Byford

Having only formed in 2015, Naked Six have already made their name known through BBC Introducing and even joined up with The Temperance Movement for their upcoming tour. Their schizoid blues/grunge influenced sound will leave you wanting more, but thankfully, Seb tells us some exciting news to look forward to…

Firstly, can you give a brief background about the band? How did you meet, what inspired you to work together, your roles within the duo….?

We met at school in North Yorkshire about 5 Years ago and formed the band about 2 years ago, I’m sure we didn’t really even like each other that much when we first met but music eventually brought us together. Tom’s the driving force behind the kit and I’m up front rampaging around on guitar and vocals. 

Your latest single “Broken Fairytale” has been described as a rather grunge, blues and punk hybrid; how have you created this kind of sound? Was it something you were set on from the beginning?

I’m not sure really, it’s one of those songs we wrote really quick and didn’t think much of, we weren’t even gonna record it but decided to do it last minute in the studio. It’s probably our most well received track so far so we’re thankful we decided to do it in the end. 

Can you explain the story behind “Broken Fairytale”? From writing to production. When can we look forward to an EP or album?

Broken Fairytale is just about how. I feel a lot of guys these days are afraid to show or let loose their emotions and how there’s a lack of care for the people and things going on around us. It’s a beautiful world we live in but a very cruel one too, and in terms of the writing and production, we wrote it a few days before we went in the studio and decided to do it as a last minute track. We’re hoping to release an EP or something soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Do you guys support Vinyl? Can we expect future releases on that or do you prefer streaming, CD’s, Cassettes, Downloads? Whats your medium?

Yeah we’re big fans, we’re definitely hoping to release something on vinyl soon, that would be the dream. I think it’s nice to have something in physical form, it makes buying a record a bit more meaningful. 

So you guys are currently on a sold out tour around the UK with The Temperance Movement; how did that opportunity arise?

We are indeed, we woke up to an email one morning from our agent at X-ray asking if we’d like to do the tour. We couldn’t believe it at first, it’s quite a big thing for us so yeah that was a good day. 

What other bands would you like to tour with?

It’s a bit of a long shot but queens of the Stone Age would be ace…a bit unrealistic though! I guess just anyone who we feel could have a similar fan base. 

Is there anyone you would like to do a collaboration with; how would you expect the mix of styles to sound?

Nah not really, we’re not into collaborations, for now at least. 

What kind of performance can future audience members expect from your shows?

A hot, sweaty, fuzzy mess.  

Although you have only been together for two years, your fan base consists of the support from the likes of Saxon and BBC Introducing, whats next on the agenda for you Naked Six?

We’ll just keep gigging, jamming and recording and see where the wind takes us. We’ll hopefully be recording an EP soon so there’s some big things on the horizon, stay tuned.

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