11 June 2015

  Local Lady Screams Blue Murder At Radio Station

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Urgent News Flash

donington or bust mick


Local lady ‘Dot’ Was on her way to the local shop in a small village called Castle Donington a civil parish in Leicestershire..
As she was walking down the country lane with her pet dog, Bruce. She heard Snarling And Extreme noises coming from the bushes..


Local Lady Dot Says

‘All I heard was these terrifying screams and as I got closer this beast jumped out of the bushes, waving it’s arms as if it was asking for directions, It was shouting in a grust voice, Mosh!. He also asked for something called a Selfie!.  Also my dog, Bruce tried to attach himself to the beasts leg’!. 


In a Statement From Midlands Metalheads Radio

Mick has been getting very agitated recently, He’s not even been eating his fruit loops, We are doing everything in our power to bring him back to the station, We ask all public to keep your distance, And please don’t ask for a selfie, he’s a very unstable guy!. 


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