05 March 2018

The Lost Art with The Progmeister 4th March 2018: The BASS-ic Ingredient

Kino – Grey Shapes In Concrete Fields
Yes – Bumpy Ride/Fly From Here Reprise
Marillion – The Great Escape/The Last Of You/Fallin’ From The Moon (2018 remix)
Marcelo Paganini – 2012 Space Traffic Jam
Gazpacho – Soyuz One
Dukes Of The Orient – Strange Days
Sleep In Heads – Vagrancy
After The Fall – Prometheus
ELP – Knife Edge
Yes – The Fish (Live)
Pink Floyd – One Of These Days
Pink Floyd – Money
King Crimson – Elephant Talk
Brand X – Nuclear Burn
Return To Forever – Romantic Warrior
Riverside – Driven To Destruction
Lifesigns – Telephone
Weather Report – Teen Town (Live)
Rush – YYZ
The Flower Kings – My Cosmic Lover
Stick Men – Sasquatch
Scale The Summit – The Levitated


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