26 January 2019

Master’s Call EP Launch- Morbid Black Trinity 25/01/19

So tonight i headed up to the Home of heavy metal to embark upon a night of death,doom and black metal. Being my favorite genre’s i was looking forward to seeing what the night had in store for me .Tonight wasn’t just any night,it was the ep launch of the local dark blackened death metaller’s called Master’s Call.The evening was being held by an event and promotion’s company called Necrow,This was their first event and i wouldn’t mind attending another one,This evening was held at the one and only Scruffy Murphy’s in Birmingham.The band were supported by Burden of the noose,who have recently had their ep played on our station and Opus Mortis.



I headed downstairs to have a quick chat with the band and ask a few question’s regarding the new ep . John Wilcox and Dave Powell were the original founder’s of the band back in 2014 .They have been in the underground scene for quite some time now ,within previous band’s,they finally started working together on a band that disbanded a while ago called Necrotize ,Dave and John instantly clicked musically and  instantly new what they wanted to portray in to their music and the message they felt they wanted to get out. The band finally finalized in 2016 and now the band are a 5 piece. which now include,

John Wilcox- Guitar
David Powell- Guitar
Adam Tricklebank- Bass
James William’s-Drums
Shiyan- Vocals

After speaking with Dave and John i wanted to get a bit of an insight in to their new ep title,Called Morbid Black Trinity. They told me their new ep was based of the darker side to element’s earth,fire and spirit. I also asked about the meaning behind the band’s name Masters Call,With response to the question they said its the dark voice in the back of your head that’s always there,Which is the negativity ourselves as humans portray in every day life.and the name speaks for itself,also short, simple and to the point , Dave -‘ Life is a darkness beneath the surface’. I have been formally invited to interview the band at a later date as their is more to explain within their music and word’s give a better idea of what message the band are trying to get across..The band recorded and produced their new ep at The parlor recording Studio’s based in Kettering North Hampshire, Band’s such as At the gates, and the haunted  have recorded their themselves, making it a popular place for the underground scene.



Kicking off the evening were a band called Opus Morits. The Black Metal band are a 5 piece from Coventry- UK , who as quoted are drawing inspiration from misanthropic and anti religious ideologies. Current line up include,


Slev- Vocals
Lewis- Guitars will always
James- Bass
Mike- Drums



Next up were the grimmie brummie sludgelord’s blowing your head off with dirty riff’s and noisy drone who have recently been played on Midland’s Metal Heads radio the past few Saturday’s, Burden of the noose. The band unfortunately didn’t have their bass player Daz tonight,but they still managed to be as loud and deliver a great performance.The band formed in 2012 who are currently unsigned based in Birmingham and have merch available from Toxico Clothing. The current line up include,


Andy Barraclough-Vocals
Scott Cooper- Gutiar
Ed Chester-Guitar
Dirty Von arse(Daz)- Bass
Rych Stanton-Drums



Ear’s still ringing from the brummie sludgelords’s next up was Master’s call…


I took myself in to a corner at the side of the room to get a good spot to watch the band’s perfomance. When listening to music or watching band’s i like to zone out and  get a good feel for the music. The band kicked off the evening with a song called All hope in fire. There’s no denying Shiyan’s stage presence being attentive yet interesting to watch. He was wearing a ripped balaclava with black face paint. The rest of the set list included –


  • My Eyes Are The Night
  • Blinded By The Night.. Enlightened By The Darkness- Necrophobic Cover
  • Witness
  • From Once Beneath The Cursed


The one that really stuck out for me,and the crowd was singing along to,was The sprire cranes, i really loved this track it’s off the new ep and i’m sure won’t it wont leave my head for some time. The band are perfectionist when it comes to their sound during rehearsals,and it show’s when the band are ready to play their set live.After speaking with John and Dave i can see the connection and what they meant when they said they were on the same level, their duel melodic guitar playing gave the right balance to the music  and the symphonic sound added to the atmosphere . Adam kept the bass playing tight and continuously kept the flow of the music going alongside their drummer James who was well in control with his blast beat’s in between the slow and faster part’s of the song’s during the set. Shiyan’s vocal’s were almost identical to the Necrophobic cover, even adding the dark laughs. I’m looking forward to seeing the progression of the band and look forward to seeing the band play live again and I’m sure I’ll be giving their ep another listen to.








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Master’s Call, Burden of the Noose & Opus Mortis