25 April 2019

MMH-The AOR Pose Workshop-50 Years of Metal

During one of many event’s to come in celebration of 50 years of metal, The MMH team were joined by an amazing group of true Metalheads who were on the way to watch Manowar that evening, but still took the time out to come visit our celebration during the day and even return back on the evening.

The team consist’s of,


  • Phill ”Wide Stance’ Eardley
  • Tina ”Pixie” Williams”
  • Mark ” Fister” Williams
  • Paul ” The Arrow” Williams
  • Louise ”Pensive” Howard


They have recently started up a Facebook page and their aim is to show us fellow Metalheads how to perfect those iconic Metal poses. So get those poses photo ready and send them over to their page! And if you haven’t already head over to our page and check out their latest interview!