05 May 2014

Mondträume launch debut album “Empty” on Alfa Matrix

monMONDTRÄUME, the creative outlet of the 2 Spanish talented artists Pikotto Vond Mond and Damasius Venys, have finally released their debut album, “Empty”. The electro pop styled album was preceded by their recent single “Life Is Short” which proved popular on the dance floors.
“Empty” is out now via Alfa Matrix as a CD and 2CD version. You can also order the release as download from Bandcamp (in that case, don’t forget to use the 25% reduction code alfamatrixgoesbandcamp), iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. The limited 2CD edition version comes with a 15-track remix album by bands such as COSMIC ARMCHAIR, ENDANGER, OIL 10, LED MANVILLE, DIFFUZION, ACYLUM, XOTOX, PAX SONO, HIGH LEVEL STATIC, LIGHTSHIFTERS, ELECTRO SPECTRE, PSIDERALICA, TERROLOKAUST, PSY’AVIAH and ZERO-EQ.
According to the press, this is an album which will appeal to fans of NAMNAMBULU, DIORAMA, MELOTRON, MESH or yet BEBORN BETON and WOLFSHEIM.