19 November 2018

Novacrow – Criminal Mastermind

Fronted by the charismatic Kitty, NOVACROW are a bunch of humorous Liverpudlians, just watch their video of the title song ‘Criminal Mastermind’ , its a silent ‘Keystone cops’ slapstick routine, that portrays the blatant love of outrageousness that define this up and coming band. Indeed they were among the finalists at this years Hard Rock Hell, Highway to Hell event for new talent, which confirms they are now turning heads, after being together since 2013. Along with Kitty Staunton and Jonyx on Vocals/Guitars, are Federico Spera on Bass/Backing Vocals and on Drums Valerio Pompili . 

This 5 track EP opens with a creepy spoken message that innovative NOVACROW can easily get away with, we soon sink into ‘Fever Swamp’ which was the bands second single, pounding and pulsating with Kitty leading the way, chanting menacingly to us .`Laughing Gas’ is a tremendous, off key and off the rails attempt and you can begin see why the band quote Rob Zombie, Skindred and Type O Negative as influences.

Title song `Criminal Mastermind’,  has a hook from the start that supports the stomping vocals, telling us the tale of the failed Bank Robbery. Well contrived, it is upbeat and full of ingenuity, as is ‘Lab Rat’, another scream, accompanied by creative guitar work.

Final track ’Are You Happy’, is a tease, comparable to having a musical box thrown at you, its ‘thought provoking’ , as Kitty describes it  and you do begin to wonder if you are truly in a good spirits by the time it winds down. Akin to a bunch of comical bad guys, the band are fun and downright brilliantly stupid at times, thankfully this comes across on the EP and you do get a sense that NOVACROW combining arty horror with intense dramatic songs are pretty unique. 

For me, the EP is an experiment that works, they might not be everyones first choice for a listen, they are not your average Rockers, fluently chucking out ballads and riffs , but I think that’s where Kitty and Co succeed, they do make you think, you sit up and take notice and it is pleasing to note that there is a band here providing us with theatrical antics, that have been lacking in the business of late.

Highlights – Fever swamp , Criminal Mastermind

Criminal Mastermind is available on Spotify now, see the facebook page for details.

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