10 October 2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell Saturday 07/10/2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell

The sixth instalment of The Ordeal, aired on Saturday 8pm 07/10/2017, the show dedicated to NuMetal, Groove Metal and ‘make ya wanna move’ Metal.

I am also joined by Frontstreet frontman Martijn Huijskes, discussing the history of the band, his influences and plans for the future and also play a few songs off their brand new album Reality Check – Frontstreet’s Facebook page

Coal Chamber are this week’s featured artist on ‘341’
Votes are open for next weeks ‘341’… who do you want it to be? Just email me your suggestion at djpennell@midlandsmetalheads.com


  • Pieces by 40 Grit
  • Self Bias Resistor by Fear Factory
  • Remedy by Frontstreet
  • Just So You Know by American Head Charge
  • Tears Me Apart by Walking Rumour
  • Be Quite (and Drive Far Away) by Deftones
  • From This Day by Machine Head
  • Break Your Neck by 10 Fold B-low
  • Need by Spread
  • 10 Surfacing (live) by Slipknot
  • 11 I Exist by DED
  • 12 Radical Eyes by Prophets Of Rage
  • 13 Ghost Town by Frontstreet
  • 14 End Of The World by Cold
  • 15 Kill Your Demons by Emil Bulls
  • 16 Nocturnal by Frontstreet
  • 17 One Of Us by Darke Complex
  • 18 Sway by Coal Chamber
  • 19 Untrue by Coal Chamber
  • 20 Dark Days by Coal Chamber
  • 21 Through Your Eyes by No Self
  • 22 Requiem (feat Corey Taylor) by Strait up