11 November 2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell Saturday 11/11/2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell

Episode 11 of The Ordeal, aired on Saturday 8pm 11/11/2017, the ONLY show dedicated to NuMetal, Groove Metal and ‘make ya wanna move’ Metal.

On this show I pay tribute to Chuck Mosely, known from his time from being Faith No More’s frontman on their first 2 albums who sadly passed away on the 9th November.

Chimaira were this week’s featured artist on ‘341’… but on this occasion NO ONE sent in a vote…. what the heck guys??
Anyway…  the votes are open for next weeks ‘341’… who do you want it to be?

Email me your 341 suggestion, or any of your song dedications also to –  djpennell@midlandsmetalheads.com

ALSO….. on the show I interviewed The Birthday Massacre’s guitarist and main song writer Rainbow AND the band kindly donated a FULLY SIGNED set list from the show which YOU can win. Listen to around the 55 minute mark to find out how to WIN!!

Email me your answer to –  djpennell@midlandsmetalheads.com

TBM Photos by – DJ Pennell


  • Grinfucked by Devildriver
  • Exit The Matrix by Threat Signal
  • by Emmure
  • Chic N’ Stew by System Of A Down
  • Introduce Yourself by Faith No More
  • Faster Disco by Faith No More
  • We Care A lot (Faith No More cover) by Korn
  • The Statue Of A King by Avatar
  • Trigger by In Flames
  • 10 Down by The Birthday Massacre
  • 11 Counterpane by The Birthday Massacre
  • 12 Propaganda by Sepultura
  • 13 Epic (Faith No More cover) by Veer Union
  • 14 Stuck Here by Mnemic
  • 15 The Shadow by Toothgrinder
  • 16 This Oath by Eighteen Visions
  • 17 Five Stages Of Numb by Riksha
  • 18 Insane by Raunchy
  • 19 Outatime by No Self
  • 20 Lumps by Chimaira
  • 21 Ressurection by Chimaira
  • 22 Clockworks by Chimaira
  • 23 Death by Apartment 26