10 October 2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell Saturday 30/09/2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell

The fifth instalment of The Ordeal, aired Saturday 8pm 30/09/2017
A show dedicated to NuMetal, Groove Metal and ‘make ya wanna move’ Metal with Deftones being this week’s featured artist on ‘341’

Votes are open for next weeks ‘341’, who do you want it to be? Just email me your suggestion at djpennell@midlandsmetalheads.com


  • Remember The Enemy by Ded
  • 1080p by A Killer’s Confession
  • Last Time by Downer
  • Set The Record Straight by Psycore
  • Crooked Teeth by Papa Roach
  • Storage by Tura Satana
  • Salvation Of Sacrifation by Dead Label
  • Necessary Evil (feat Jonathan Davis) by Motionless In White
  • Paper Jesus by Staind
  • 10 Would You? by Misery Loves Co.
  • 11 The Scheme by Primus
  • 12 Witness The Addiction (feat Jonathan Davis) by Suicide Silence
  • 13 Pedigree by Twin Method
  • 14 My Fate by Vimic
  • 15 Snake by Frontstreet
  • 16 Revival (feat Jonathan Davis) by Orgy
  • 17 Grey Flap by Pist-On
  • 18 Six Feet Below by Projected
  • 19 Trip Wire by Simon Says
  • 20 Lotion by Deftones
  • 21 Bloody Cape by Deftones
  • 22 Diamond Eyes by Deftones
  • 23 Shutdown by American Head Charge