22 February 2019

Our Hollow, Our Home, TheCityIsOurs, The Uncharted, Overthrone, and Old Wharf @ The Flapper!

On a cold dark night in the middle of Birmingham Surprise You’re Dead Music did what they do best, they put on a night of music in a local venue. The headliners of the night were the popular metalcore quintet Our Hollow, Our Home.

But before they could take to the stage we were treated to a whopping 4 support acts! Kicking off the night we’re the local band Old Wharf.



Wasting no time the cleared their gear to make way for the next band. Getting ready for their set was the turn of another local band Overthrone.



Two bands down, three to go. As soon as one band was down another was up. The local bands had expertly owned the stage and now it was time for the first act of the tour, The Uncharted.



Even though it was a relatively small stage for the 7 person band they handled very well. Even though one of them was essentially around the corner! They then paved the way for the next act of the tour, TheCityIsOurs.



The night was on a roll, band after band destroyed the stage and now it was time for the headliners. Our Hollow, Our Home took to the stage and instantly the crowd welcomed them. They knew they were with friends.



Considering The Flapper was scheduled to be close down, it’s great to see the venue bring so many in and enjoy it’s live gig space. Overall though it was a great night of acts who completely were in their element performing live; here’s to many more years of gigs at The Flapper!