20 April 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 20th April 2019

It’s Easter and the Bunny of Rock has delivered another dollop of egg shaped crunching tunes. It’s another episode of the Pete K Mally Breakfast Show.
Slash – Crazy Life
Shinedown – Cut the Chord
Dead Mans Whiskey – Racing Bullet
The Hollywood Vampires – Raise the Dead
Tesla – Love Song
City of Thieves – Buzzed Up City
Def Leppard – Undefeated
SKAM – Between the eyes
H.E.A.T – In and out of trouble
Aerosmith – Hangman Jury
Iron Maiden – The Prisoner
Wayward Sons – Crush
Tax the Heat – Highway Home
The Rocket Dolls- Waste
Ryders Creed – Raise the Hoof
No Doubt – Sunday Morning
Metallica – Mama Said
Iconic Eye – In a Broken Dream
Temple of One – The Cards
Ravenbreed – Falling away
Gorilla Riot – Kerosine Clown
The Dust Coda – Let Me Go
The Black Crowes – Feathers

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