25 August 2018

PVMNTS – Better Days (EP)

August 2018 brings with it the debut release from PVMNTS. As a band that has been together since 2016, it’s safe to say this EP has been eagerly awaited. The band features Freddy Ramirez (vocals, guitar, bass), Tyler Posey (vocals, bass, guitar) and Nick Guzman (drums). Posey has previously performed as a guest during live performances with State Champs and All Time Low, and of course rose to fame with his starring role in Teen Wolf. Anyway, on to the pop punk…

Chemical Trails is the first track. Opening with a distorted riff and ending in a slow guitar outro, it shows this band already have a good grasp on how to make a good pop punk song. The song really shines with its bridge where it has both vocalists singing different lyrics on top of each other, because who doesn’t love that in a pop punk song. Hit the Ground gives us further depth into the sound of both the different vocalists, with one high and one low vocal range. Once again, they are showing they know what pop punk fans want, as bands with just high vocals, just low vocals, and bands with both are all equally loved in the scene, with the high vocals offering a fun pop sound, and the low offering the angry punk sound. Next is Standing on My Own Two Feet, which although is my least favourite on the EP, is not by any means a bad song. Another Monday automatically reminds me of early 2000’s pop punk (e.g. Simple Plan). It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, it’s poppy. If you miss “the good old pop punk” days, this particular song is definitely worth a listen.  

White Walls is another sour point for me as I’m not a massive fan of the lyrics. However, as a whole, I would rate the lyrics alone as a reason to listen to this EP. This isn’t another band who want to get out of their home town or are sad about their ex-girlfriend. The lyrics tackle subjects such as relying on medication, depression, anxiety, etc., but not to the point where it’s tacky or overwhelming. Final track is Heavy Moon which gives a much more solid punk sound with screaming vocals in the bridge. 
Overall this EP has a great throwback pop punk sound. Classic sing along hooks are present, although perhaps not enough to get stuck in your head all day. Their sound overall isn’t ground-breaking or different from stuff we’ve all previously heard, but it is a welcome addition to the current pop punk scene which currently is saturated with acoustic or angry heavy pop punk, and not enough of the sound that made us all fall in love with this genre in the first place. Better Days is an excellent debut for PVMNTS and I look forward to what they have for us in the future. 
For Fans Of: Hit the Lights, Blink-182, Simple Plan 

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