06 April 2019

Quireboys, with support from FM, Bad Touch and Vega. 2 April 2019, The Globe, Cardiff

Four cracking bands on one night in Cardiff.

First on the bill were Vega, with 6 band members and a very full stage it meant that Nick Workman (lead vocals) had very little room for his usual style, but they still put on a great set, loved by the crowd.

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With 4 bands, stage times were short, but brilliantly worked. Second up was Bad Touch, a Blues/Rock band from Norfolk. They have performed in The Globe before, and once again, the audience loved their music.

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FM took to a much emptier stage, but fuller venue. The crowd taking over on vocals for some of the tracks. As co-headliners for the tour, they had just short of an hour on stage, selecting tracks from their massive back-catalogue.

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Finally, the Quireboys hot the stage as headliners to a venue that was jammed full. They performed brilliantly, with everyone enjoying the set, joining in with just about every song, and disappointment when the curfew arrived. South Wales, especially Cardiff, is definitely becoming a ‘go-to’ place on the live rock music scene.

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