12 October 2016

RENEGADE TWELVE, self-titled debut album, out 27th January 2017

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UK Newcomers Renegade Twelve are destined to rise from the underground, as
they release their hugely compelling self-titled debut album, out in stores
on Friday 27th January 2017.

Coming from the depths of Suffolk, Renegade Twelve were born in 2014 and
unleash their brand of melodic metal that tips its hat to everyone from Iron
Maiden, Metallica, Killswitch Engage and Pantera, through to Slash and Alter
Bridge. With rock driven riffs, rich vocals and armed with face melting
solos, Renegade Twelve create music that is accessible, yet original. The
crew are fronted by Sam Robson, who’s powerful and infectious melodies are
the ideal complement to Jacob Mayes’ and Dan Potter’s dual lead guitar
flurries. Bassist Josh Barnard and Drummer Jack Mcsloy complete the line up
in tandem, providing a stout backbone for the band’s energetic and
formidable sound.

With a strong work ethic and even stronger bond as friends, this five piece
band has gigged extensively throughout their region. By the end of 2016, the
tuneful metallers will have clocked up over one hundred shows within this
calendar year. Renegade Twelve also have a solid recording pedigree, the
band having just finished work on their self-titled debut album with Rupert
Matthews (collaborating producer for Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Black

Renegade Twelve’s forthcoming album arrives this January and it boasts ten
tracks that burst with razor sharp riffs, shrewd phrasing, and dominant
magnetising vocal lines. From the stomping and insanely infectious Mad Max,
and the forthcoming single Heroes Of Mine, which soars and ignites from the
get-go, to the dynamic and pummeling Bipolar, Renegade Twelve have physical
proof in the shape of this debut offering that they are sure to become a
prominent force in the UK scene for years to come.

https://renegadetwelve.co.uk/    https://twitter.com/renegadetwelve

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