20 September 2016

Review: Insomnium – Winter’s Gate

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insomnium-winters-gateI’ve found it really hard to put into words what I thought about Insomnium’s seventh and newest release. I genuinely felt like there weren’t enough words in the English Dictionary to describe the utter brilliance of what had touched my ears. Honestly, these words do not pay homage to how great Winter’s Gate truly is.

First thing to mention, one song! Are you mad…These crazy Finnish maestros have gone and written an entire album in one song. Now stick with me here. I thought, what the hell have they done? It just seemed like a completely freaking weird ass thing to do. I mean, a one song album. Crazy right! WRONG. Amazing, innovative, ingenious, virtuoso. If this one track was split up into let’s say eight tracks, it really wouldn’t be the same. They know this, they’ve understood this and kept it to one great colossus of a song. You will all appreciate this when you hear it, I promise! It works so well. Forty intense, beautiful, fierce, melancholic minutes where you will respect every note played, every beat hit and every word growled.

The song itself is written around a short story by singer, Niilo Sevanen. Seriously, this guy is incredibly talented! The story revolves around Scandinavian mythology, which already makes it cool as fuck! A group of Vikings heading north in search of an Island northwest of Ireland even though (as Ned Stark would say) Winter is coming! This story won awards in Finland and these guys have thought, damn it would make a good song. Holy shit are they right! It’s truly outstanding. Mind blowing. Written in a log cabin of all places! Where else.

This album in reality goes against the grain, which by itself is uncomfortable for people, I can hear the doubters already. But let me be the first to calm your hasty feelings. Sit down, crack a beer open and press play! It takes you into a world of sheer splendour. Take everything in. From the winds blowing in the first sample to the amazing interludes which help split this one beast of a track into sections. Then riff after riff of pure intense atmospheric bliss! Do it! Your ears deserve it!

Insomnium – take a bow gents. This has truly made my year!

Get your copy on the 23rd September 2016.

Available as: Ltd. Deluxe 2CD Artbook / Gatefold black LP+CD & LP-Booklet / Standard CD Jewelcase / Digital album



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