26 October 2015

Review: CRADLE OF FILTH, Ne Obliviscaris, She Must Burn, Trivax – Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton: 20 October 2015

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Okay, now I have a confession to make… forgive me father, I bloody love CRADLE OF FILTH! If Midlands Metalheads wanted a balanced objective review then they sent the wrong person. I listen to their music more than I like to admit and definitely more than is healthy. Their music and the imagery it creates has permeated my soul. If you cut me, I bleed filth. So bearing that in mind, here is my gushing review, but first things first…

It is unfortunate that I didn’t get to see the first support, Birmingham-based Iranian Black Metallers, TRIVAX. However, I was lucky enough to be backstage interviewing CRADLE’s Lindsay Schoolcraft when they hit the stage. I’m not able to review their performance on this occasion but I hope to catch them again in the future.

I made it into Wulfrun Hall in time to see Londoners SHE MUST BURN. The rising Blackened Metalcore band gained their slot on the bill in a competition where they were hand selected by CRADLE out of a long list of other hopeful applicants. I’ve got to be honest and say that I am an old traditionalist and the phrase “blackened metalcore” turns my stomach. That being said, I can’t deny that they did a great job; blending symphonic elements with crushing thrash beats and roaring growling vocals with intensity and professionalism. I’m sure this is just the beginning of the road for these guys.

cof (4 of 22)NE OBLIVISCARIS are Progressive Extreme Metallers from Australia. I really enjoyed their set – they are an interesting band mixing a variety of musical styles, growls, clean vocals and a violin. I particularly enjoyed tracks “Pyrrhic” and “And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope”. Some of their music sounds almost, dare I say it, Jazzy. They are definitely a band I plan to listen to more. On a side note, I got serious hair envy watching growled vocalist Xenoyr – I wonder what conditioner he uses?

It has been eight long years since the UK saw a full CRADLE OF FILTH tour. In that time I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few of their one-off shows. The crowd at a CRADLE gig is always a fascinating thing to behold. They draw a real mix of people; kvlt-types, corpse painted faces, corset wearers and the curious. I once saw a girl in a full-length velvet cloak – a brave choice given the cramped conditions and CRADLE’s love of pyrotechnics.

cof (10 of 22)Dani Filth’s vocals never fail to impress me. Deep guttural roars turn into lung-bursting screams in an instant. He makes it look effortless – it seems miraculous that such sounds can come out of any human, let alone such a tiny one. His costumes are always magnificent. I read in his book, “The Gospel of Filth” (I told you I was obsessed), that his mother is a seamstress and makes many of his stage outfits – she must have a vivid imagination. Tonight’s attire appears to be a figure-hugging leather ensemble with large metal blades protruding out of the shoulders and a red and black cape.

Tonight seems special. The band haven’t sounded this good in a long time and we are treated to a crowd-pleasing setlist (see below). Apart from tracks from the well received latest album “Hammer Of The Witches”, almost everything is old-school CRADLE, including; “Lord Abortion”, “The Twisted Nails Of Faith” and ending with “Her Ghost In The Fog”. I got chills when the intro to “Queen Of Winter, Throned” started up.

Throughout the gig, the pyro blasts out of the front of the stage and through the smog you can see the beautiful and explicit album artwork and videos accompanying the set.

cof (12 of 22)The crowd love it – a permanent pit has opened up. People aren’t so much moshing as wrestling one another – I could swear I saw a powerbomb at one point. Showing their strong dedication to the sport, some fans actually manage to mosh during “Nymphetamine”, the closest thing CRADLE has to a ballad.

What an incredible night! Let’s hope they don’t wait another eight years to tour here again. It was genuinely a privilege to be at this gig, not to mention having the opportunity to interview Lindsay. You can listen to my interview here.

Set list:

  • (Intro) Inspired To Nightmare
  • Heaven Torn Asunder
  • Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
  • Blackest Magick In Practice
  • Lord Abortion
  • Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych
  • Malice Through The Looking Glass
  • Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasuring The Goddess
  • Queen Of Winter, Throned
  • (Encore intro) Walpurgis Eve
  • Yours Immortally
  • Nymphetamine
  • The Twisted Nails Of Faith
  • Ghost in the Fog
  • (Outro) Blooding The Hounds

cof (22 of 22)Check out the full photo gallery from Jess Cheadle here.

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