02 September 2017

Review – Gun – Favourite Pleasures

GUN are a Scottish band which were originally formed in 1987 by the Gizzi brothers (Jools & Dante), who came to re-invent the rock ‘n’ roll genre. Their debut album was ‘Taking on the World’ which produced some successful singles, Better Days, and Money. Other albums, Gallus and Swagger again produced hits, namely Word Up, Don’t Say It’s Over and Something Worthwhile. In the 90’s, GUN were a band that lived hard and fast but by 1998 they decided to split. In 2008 GUN received an unexpected award, the prestigious Nordoff Robbins Tartan Clef award for ‘Scotland’s Best Live Band’. At this point it was decided that GUN would reform. The new band line up was Dante Gizzi on lead vocals, Jools Gizzi on guitar and backing vocals, Paul McManus on Drums, and Jonny McGlynn on Guitar.

The new album Favourite Pleasures, which will be released on 15th September 2017, has a variety of musical formulas to please everyone, ranging from glam rock, through various eras and genres right up to modern melodic rock. She Knows is a modern sound with a classic rock feel. With its catchy tune and infectious chorus you will soon find yourself singing along. This is a great opening track for the album. The imposing guitar riffs finish the track off effectively, supplying the listener with everything they could expect from a classic rock track.

Here’s Where I Am delivers a full on visit to the glam rock era, and has an impressive guitar section which makes you want to rock out, before reverting to the incessant riff that is present throughout the song. Favourite Pleasures is a raunchy number which raises the blood pressure as well as the eyebrows with its provocative lyrics such as ‘I’m chewing through the leather, you want me to surrender’. It certainly gives the track an erotic essence. Favourite Pleasures was inspired by a friend of the band who was heavily into S&M. “It was a side of him that not many people knew about. He’d go on tour working with us, and whatever his weekly per diem was, it would be spent in a day on hookers and sex shows the moment we hit Amsterdam and Hamburg and all those places” said frontman Gizzi.

The final song on the album is a definite smash in my opinion. Boy who fooled the World is an absolutely beautiful song which is reminiscent of childhood. About a boy on a Friday night listening to the radio with his finger on the play and record button, (I’m sure that many of you will be able to relate to this) waiting to record the next big thing. A gorgeous rock ballad which lives up to its own words ‘there is something about a song that gets in your head, you can hear it just once and then it’s hard to forget’. Lyrically pleasing, and with the stripped back sound of Dante’s vocals coupled with the piano, the sound is superb. My favourite track of the album, hands down.

This album takes you on a rock and roll journey, deviating between the late 60’s glam rock era and the eighties classic rock sounds, before careering off on a tangent into a more strongly defined exhibition of modern melodic rock/alternative compositions. Favourite Pleasures is a sturdy effort, and a testimony to GUN’s ability to bring their sound into the modern rock era. If I could ask for anything more on this album, it would be to go a step further into the hard rock genre and add more deep gritty vocals, however this album is pretty awesome as it is!

Rating 4.5/5

Highlight ‘imposing guitar riffs, provocative lyrics, strongly defined exhibition of modern melodic rock/alternative compositions’

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