12 November 2018

Review – Naked Six – BorderLine , London – 10.11.18


I made a vow to myself some 30 years ago that I would only buy a T-Shirt at a gig if I either really (really) loved the band or felt the band had potential to go places so I could say ‘I was there when…’

Interviewing The Vintage Caravan at the Borderline, Soho, London I asked about their support band, Naked Six, who, I will admit here and now, I knew nothing about. Alex TVC’s bassist said “don’t tell them this, but I think they are the British Nirvana”. Now that got my attention.

In the hall i grabbed Naked Six around a table and had a very quick impromptu interview and gleaned who they were and where they came from.

Cousins Tom Witts on drums, Callum Witts, bass and Seb Byford guitar and vocals. The boys are now based in Manchester, have just released their debut EP No Compromise and after this tour with TVC they will be joining the Amorettes on theirs.

At 7:30 Naked Six took to the stage. A glance around the well attended crowd it was obvious that the bands age was closer to the spectator’s kids than the spectators themselves. If they were intimidated, they didn’t show it.

Tom Witts, the bare chested, body beautiful drummer sweating as if his life depended on it kept the beat timelessly, his cousin Callum adding the rhythm whilst swaggering across the stage trying not to smile too much. Bowler hat, doc Martin wearing Seb looked like he was off the set of A Clockwork Orange, he strummed, picked and made his guitar scream, then did the same in the mic. Hard rock, Punk, Indie? I am not sure, but it didn’t matter, it was fast, ferocious, frenetic and most of all it was fun,and that  was just the first few songs.

Apart from a slower number near the end it just kept coming.

The UK Nirvana? I am not convinced, but Naked Six are young, hungry and keen and with the release of their first EP , more tour dates ahead and a potential LP in the pipeline they have a very bright future ahead of them indeed.

I walked out that Saturday night from the Borderline with my Naked Six T-Shirt. Enough said.


Set list


Writing on the wall

No Compromise


Aint got no friend

Heart brake

What the people say

Sweet disposition

Everything changing


Don’t mind

Peace by the pistol






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