16 February 2017

Review of All Else Fails by Alex Mumford

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All Else Fails

The Canadian Metalcore fiends All Else Fails have released a new beast called The Forever Lie. They’ve been knocking the door of the big dogs in the Metalcore scene for a little while now with several top notch EPs already channelling our airwaves. I got a cheeky peak of their new one which is due out 17th February.

So six tracks of well-produced, well written stuff here. Riffs are melodic and verging on the Gothenburg style. Catchy and interesting. The vocals are banging! The cleans are great! The screams are fairly generic for the genre, but its almost to be expected nowadays…not sure whether that’s good or bad though.

The Forever Lie kept me entertained the whole way through though, which is more than I can say for other bands in their scene at present!

This is good standard Metalcore…It’s not breaking down walls, but its good to listen to. There isn’t anything new to the scene here. But again, I liked it. It was fun to listen to and they’ve done a great job. I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for these guys in the future!