15 September 2018

White Raven Down, Conspiracy – Linda Parker


I Always enjoy having new music sent to me to review, especially when its from a band as vibrant as Essex Rock Band WHITE RAVEN DOWN. I knew from the word GO,
That this would mean trouble, and i was right!,

The trouble part being i have had this Ep on repeat for most of the week , WOW , this is Heavy!

The debut E.P ‘CONSPIRACY’, clearly come from a band, who sound as though they have been doing this for years, and, who are already showing how professional,and just how good a real rock band should sound!

As soon as the first track, ‘Broken Door’, Hit my speakers, i just knew this Ep was something special.
Thunderous Chest Thumping Riffs from the word go, which doesn’t disappoint in anyway.

WHITE RAVEN DOWN are, with no doubt, one of the heaviest, freshest Rock bands i have had the pleasure to listen to for a long while.
Guitarist Stu Baileys guitar solos in each song are tremendous. Just listen to the solo from him in ‘Silence’ (The 4th track on the ep), ‘Not Alone‘, again a tub thumping tune, and  had me singing along, after the first 3 repeat plays. I love it! ‘Take Me’, Produced excellent vocals from Bill Taylor. Why does this band remind me of rock bands back in the 80’s?

Listen especially for ‘Salvation’, By far the best track on the EP, in my eyes anyway.

This Band, are with no mistake, clicking the right buttons in all directions, and show how well they all work together.
The band name WHITE RAVEN DOWN, comes from a fable of a White Bison and a Raven, and Make no mistake – WHITE RAVEN DOWN have taken flight and i don’t think they will be landing anytime soon!, and if this is what we can expect as a debut  from them. I await the next!

Now, back to the repeat play button!



1/ Broken Door

2/ Take me

3/ Not Alone

4/ Silence

5/ Salvation

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