02 December 2016

Review: RAVE THE REQVIEM – “The Gospel of Nil”

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RAVE THE REQVIEM – “The Gospel of Nil”

ravetherequiem“The Gospel of Nil” is the follow up of Kalmar, Sweden’s Filip Lönnqvist’s 2014 release. For the follow-up, Filip Lönnqvist aka THE PROPHET (Vocals, Electric Gvitar, Classical Gvitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Programming) recruited a 5 piece band with most notable addition to his lineup of his mother Carola aka THE HOLY MOTHER on female vocals. This CD also features a slew of guest musicians, too numerous to mention.

The band is undeniably industrial metal with melodic female lead vocals. The vocals (female melodic, male robotic and death metal guttural) and arrangements are an interesting blend between heavy chugging guitars, even some thrash metal parts, at times drenched in orchestration, at other times pure raw power. There are some orchestral elements that can also be at home in a M. Night Shyamalan movie. While the music is very well done, the dealbreaker is the vocal that makes the album, Carola Lönnqvist.

The Band

Filip Lönnqvist / THE PROPHET – Vocals, Electric Gvitar, Classical Gvitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Programming
Carola Lönnqvist / THE HOLY MOTHER – Vocals
Petter Perseivs / THE ARCH BISHOP – Bass
Erik Cederberg / THE HIGH PRIEST – Vocals, Live Electronics
Frank Petersson / THE DEACON – Drvms


Rating: 4/5

Standout tracks: Escathon, Illusion Shaper, Azale, The Primary Fuel, Azale





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