03 September 2016

Review: The Erik Chandler Band – The Truth

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erik-chandler-band-TheTruth-cover1We are barely a handful of days into September, and already Autumn’s bitter weather has eaten away the last of the summer sun. Obviously the answer is to tuck into a hot chocolate, find the biggest oversized sweater, and whack on some chirpy pop punk to blow the blues away. Thankfully, Dallas’ budding pop punk heroes The Erik Chandler Band dropped their killer debut album last month. Forget Blink and forget New Found Glory, forget all the ‘classics’ because TECB are all you will need to see you through the harsh English winter.

The album in question is called ‘The Truth’. Its thirteen tracks of solid, 90’s style pure pop punk. The tracks range from being up beat, fast paced, sing along and reminisce about summer anthems, to being chilled out acoustic ballads. The pop punk scene has been starving for a band like this for so long. The simplistic melodies keep it true to its punk roots, while energetic drum fills and enthralling solos add that pop touch. On top of this, Erik Chandler’s voice is something to be excited about. The vocal diversity between tracks is unreal, he can pull off the sad, mad gritty texture and still return to that clean, bright pop punk sound.

If you’ve been crying out for a brand new band in the scene and need a seasonal pick me up, The Erik Chandler Band are the answer. I can’t wait to see where ‘The Truth’ takes them as they are proof pop punk really isn’t dead. With a release this true to the cause, they’ll be headlining Warped Tour in no time.

Rating: 4/5

Highlights: After 12, Anna, Did You Know?
Review by Aimée Thomson

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