18 May 2017

Review: The Night Flight Orchestra – ‘Amber Galactic’

Having signed to Nuclear Blast records last year, ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’ are back with their third outing ‘Amber Galactic’. For those of you unaware of ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’, they are a proggy, classic rock supergroup consisting of members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy among others (no, seriously). So only one question remains, is the orchestra taking flight, or are they stuck in the dark?

When I first heard what ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’ was, my initial reaction was quite simply “You what? Seriously?” The thought of Soilwork’s Björn Strid singing for a prog-oriented classic rock band was almost incomprehensible and Imust admit, even now It seems weird. I finally gave in to my curiosity and honestly, wow. It would be easy for this to be another cheap, ‘supergroup’ cash-in with boring songs and almost no personality but this is something more. ‘The Night Flight Orchestra’ are completely in a world of their own.

‘Amber Galactic’, the bands first album since signing to Nuclear Blast Records is a fierce one. Listening to it, it is hard to believe that this album is being released in 2017 as it feels it should be released next to Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat out of Hell’. That defiantly isn’t a criticism mind, this album fits so well into that bracket, they are doing classic rock better then most longstanding classic rock acts around today. Strid himself put it best, this band sounds like cocaine and damn is it good.

Opening track and first single from the record, ‘Midnight Flyer’ is one of the albums strongest tracks. With a synth heavy opening it starts like an 80’s sci-fi cartoon before breaking out into riff heavy rock. The biggest standout on not only this track, but the entire album is Strid’s vocals. The range on this mans voice is remarkable and the lyrics have been stuck in my head since the first listen.


My only issue with this album is that it is a lot of the same. There isn’t much variation in the album and I believe tweaking the recipe to help create a more diverse sounding album, yet being able to keep that full throttle classic rock sound is well within this bands capabilities. However, there is no weak tracks on this album. There are obvious standouts that will no doubt seep into the live set such as the fast paced ‘Gemini’, with a chorus that will echo front to back in any venue The Night Flight Orchestra’ play.

All in all, this is a bloody good album. If you like your classic rock, then this may be for you. The prog twist keeps it fresh and the overall talent and musicianship of the band has created an album well deserving of the praise.


Top Tracks: ‘Midnight Flyer’, ‘Gemini’

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‘Amber Galactic’ is released worldwide May 19th, via Nuclear Blast Records

Reviewed by Alexander Rawstorne