02 June 2017

Review: Wednesday 13 – Condolences

Wednesday 13 is back! June 2nd marks the release of his new album ‘Condolences’ and his first with new label Nuclear Blast. ‘Condolences’ is the seventh solo album from the former Murderdolls man and the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Monsters of the Universe: Come out and Plague’.

This album very different from the style that many Wednesday 13 fans may be accustomed to, being a lot heavier with less punk influences showing through. Having listening to, and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Monsters of the Universe…’ ‘Condolences’ is a very natural next step in the evolution of Wednesday 13’s music. You can feel that the love is there and arguably, Wednesday’s voice has never sounded better, sounding deeper and even more menacing. On the instrumental side of things, the band has stayed consistent since 2013’s ‘The Dixie Dead’ touring and recording together and it really shows in the music. T=You can almost hear the chemistry between the band and I am thoroughly excited to see this played out on stage.

Musically, the best way to describe this album is that Wednesday 13 has gone from writing songs about scary subjects, the actually writing scary, horror filled music. First full track after the opening, ‘What the Night Brings’ would be well at home echoing through and haunted house, terrifying anyone who dares enter. That theme continues throughout the entire album, not letting up once and staying as hard hitting and fear filled for the almost 45 minutes this album takes over your existence for.

As a massive Wednesday 13 fan myself, loving all of his work from ‘Frankenstein Drag Queens from the Planet 13’ all the way to ‘Gunfire 76’, I can honestly say that I think this is the strongest release from Wednesday 13 ever. The change in style seems so natural, as though the songs were there before even thinking about the style change. Songs such as ‘Blood Sick’ and ‘Omen Amen’ are loud, aggressive and undoubtedly soon to be staple parts of the live show.

In all seriousness, all I can say about this album is that you need to listen to it. If you were previously a fan of Wednesday 13 already then you will notice the style change but see the same templates and if you have never listened to Wednesday 13 before, then this could really open the door to a lot of quality music.

Reviewed by Alex Rawstorne


Highlights: ‘Blood Sick’, ‘Cadaverous’, ‘You Breathe, I Kill’
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Condolences is released worldwide June 2nd via Nuclear Blast Records

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