17 September 2017

Review – Wicked Stone – Aint No Rest

Wicked Stone came together in 2015 and quickly muscled their way in to the UK rock scene. The time they spent honing their skills has quickly proven that they are a noise to be taken deadly serious. They have since emphasized this statement with their upcoming album ‘Ain’t No Rest’ which is due for release on October 7th 2017. They deliver a concoction of what many would perceive as classic rock with a clearly identifiable modern twist. The band is led by the consistently impressive vocals of Joe Hawx and musically flanked by guitarists James Forrister and Ryan Stageman. Bass player James Amos and hugely accomplished drummer Olly Smith complete the line up. After a string of successful live appearances they have gathered a solid support and appreciation from a growing army of fans. Their highly acclaimed appearance at last year’s Ramblin’ Man Fair stamped a huge exclamation mark to their intent to become a member of rock’s elite.

Aint No Rest is a great melodic rock track with some wicked guitar riffs that soon get the foot stomping, with an appealing wedge of guitar work towards the end which balances the track out effectively. An impressive beginning to the journey through this album. One time once again sets off with some deep gritty guitar riffs which, along with the sleazy lyrics and powerful vocals from Joe Hawx makes this song worthy of a place on the album. Prepare to rock out from the start of Another Round, which has a great deep guitar riff throughout, along with some meticulous guitar virtuosity which provokes you to head bang to it. Just when you get comfortable in the sound of this track, the thudding of drums takes over briefly, which make your ears prick and you ask yourself what’s happening. Then the assault of urgent guitar riffs begins. This is a massive track that will get your heart racing, feet stomping, head banging, and who knows what else you may find yourself doing. It eventually reverts to the original tempo to give a great finish to the song. I hope you enjoy the below video as much as I did.

Hit It ‘n’ Quit It has the classic Wicked Stone sound to it and is once again a great song to rock out to. Get in or get out has a different texture to it which gives the listener a pleasant break from incessant heavy riffs of the first four tracks. It builds gradually at the beginning, and whilst the trademark guitar chugging is still present, it’s not the only thing happening in this song. There is a great little guitar conversation in the middle which is pleasurable, and the gorgeous gravelly vocals and lyrics add a perfect quality. The infectious chorus will soon compel you to join in. Slide Baby starts with some great rock sliding guitar and heavy duty meaty riffs. Lyrics such as ‘I saw you walking to that cheap hotel, you had a bottle of whisky, I think it was Bells, you turned and asked me if I wanna stay the night, I said okay baby, that’s alright’ get you into the mood of the song. Rattleshake is a more classic sounding melodic rock track, however the mental guitar riffs are still present throughout. Sick in Love is a fast paced track, again more of a melodic sound, as well as The End which has the typical Wicked Stone ingredients. Set Me On Fire is the last track of the album and is a perfect specimen of the work that has gone into the evolution of the sound of Wicked Stone. Guitar work that knocks your socks off, coupled with spectacular drum beats and formidable vocals finishes the album off seamlessly.

For those wanting an album that is easy to get into with a typical classic heavy rock sound to it, then this is the album for you. Fantastic deep gritty guitar, melodic vocals and extravagant drum displays sets the bar high for Wicked Stone in the world of rock n roll. If I had to ask for one more thing from this band, I would wish for a massive rock ballad full of vulnerability and emotion, which would generate a response from listeners whose preferred genre maybe isn’t just classic rock.

In conclusion this band has an awesomely heavy rock sound, and the guitar work is astounding. Buy the album, it insists that you rock out! I am so excited to see what they do next!

With ‘Ain’t No Rest’, Wicked Stone will be hitting the road in support of the album and plan to be the living embodiment of the album title, catch them in a town near you!

Rating 5/5

Highlight ‘The guitar work is astounding. The album insists that you rock out!’

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