26 November 2018



‘RIVAL BONES’ rolling in from the North West , consist of James Whitehouse on Guitar/Vocals with Chris Thomason on Skins. Yes thats it, just the two of them, very hard to believe when you hear this EP. Formed about four years ago, the pair have been liked to multiple Grunge type bands and have even supported QOTSA in Croatia. They have also enjoyed air play on major Radio channels, receiving acclaim and causing quite a stir with ‘Robot Girl’ and ‘Lost Along The Way’ in 2016. Despite travelling hard on the road this year, they have managed to put ’Strangefruit’ together for us. This 4 track EP is available now. It is truly sweet, so there’s no need to peel the skin. 

The pair question your mindset from the start with ‘Beautiful/Dangerous’. A foot tap with soft ,demure lyrics that soon shatter into bursts of anger and you begin to realise there is more to these guys than you initially expected. 

It’s not easy to replicate a ‘Cobain’ or ‘Cornell’ feel to your song when you want it, but ’Tie so Tight’ does manage to reproduce close Seattle vibes. With fiery, yet provocative screams, ‘James’ is an affable vocalist, he has stripped it down and gone back to the basic rawness that defines his mentors, yet pumps it up to maximum when necessary. 

The third track ‘Pull Me Under’ whines with a sleaze and tease. Sounds fine, but it’s not the strongest on here, thats reserved for last up ‘Hot Blooded’, an original masterpiece, which reapplies the rapid pace. I am not aware of the technics ‘Rival Bones’ use to achieve this and quite frankly I don’t care how many pedals or effects, if any, combine to reach this level. The sound is gritty and truly brilliant.

Being Grunge inflicted, it is easy to compare Rival Bones to ‘Audioslave’ or their friends ’Queens of the Stone Age’ and theres nothing wrong with that, as the band do themselves justice alongside them. In fact, in the end you are left wondering, as with the celebrated ‘Royal Blood’,  how can a duo replicate such a rich, hubbub of noise and leave us completely fulfilled?

‘Gritty and truly Brilliant’

HIGHLIGHTS  – Beautiful/ Dangerous & Hot Blooded



STRANGEFRUIT can be purchased now at   http://www.rivalbones.com