20 April 2014

John E Smoke Rivet Head Honcho and Presenter

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jesmainAlright boys and girls, I’m John E Smoke (named after THAT Butthole Surfers song). I’m your DJ of the weekly Rivetheads and Dark 3rd shows (8-11pmGMT Saturdays). The Rivetheads section covers everything from EBM and synth pop to industrial metal and digital hardcore. I might even throw in some Cure and Human League if I’m feeling frisky. The Dark 3rd section covers dark ambient, noise, drone experimental and post metal sounds, ya get the idea?

I consider all submissions we receive for the show and as long as it fits the above styles vaguely (or I really like it) and is well written/recorded then I WILL play it.

Also on the show you are likely to hear interruptions from my two cats and my guide dog. It’s real life people!

We also do news, reviews and interviews with the help of my cohorts.

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