07 November 2017

Rollercoaster Rock & Blues 05/11/17


ROLLERCOASTER ROCK & BLUES! Back for a second bite at the cherry –

Playing a great mix of Rock and Blues music to get your Sunday afternoon going nicely – you get current tracks, upcoming releases and a couple of classics too. Each hour also sees us open the Box of Blues – come and discover something good!

**ALBUM OF THE WEEK** ROADSTAR – ‘Grand Hotel’ [ 2006 ] Three tracks from this great CD – video clip below playlist

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  • Dream Train by Alastair Greene

  • Sun Stroke Heart by Samarkind

  • Give Me All Your Love by King King

  • Roadstar by Roadstar

  • Restless One by Great King Rat

  • It’s Alright by Popa Chubby

  • Keep Pushin’ by Jarekus Singleton

  • Quit Your Bitching by Albert Castiglia

  • Stars and Satellites by Threshold

  • 10 Withered In Venice by Hell In The Club

  • 11 Welcome To My Nightmare by Fiction Syxx

  • 12 Eyes Like Ice by Airrace

  • 13 Out Of The Blue by Roadstar

  • 14 Tomorrow I’ll Be Out Of Town by Ten Years After

  • 15 Evergreen by Kings and Associates

  • 16 Reflections by Andre Bisson

  • 17 Stormy Seas by Lewis Hamilton

  • 18 Weaker Man by The Della Grants

  • 19 Liar by Roadstar

  • 20 Call Of The Wild by Coldspell

  • 21 My Freedom by Steelheart

  • 22 Damned by Steve Hill

    Check out this video clip of ‘Roadstar’ by Roadstar and wonder why they never made it big!