21 November 2018

Route 666 19.11.18 N.W.O.C.R

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Smudge was asked recently where the next big bands are coming from. Who will replace the stadium filling acts of today? Well Route 666 from 19.11.18 has given you a taste of the future. You can hear it all again here…. And here are just some of the amazing bands ready and waiting to take over…. enjoy and more importantly – get behind all these young guns and support your local music scene…

City Of Thieves Gorilla Riot Massive Wagons Bad Touch Devilfire Renegade Twelve The Bad Flowers Gin Annie Voodoo Blood StoneWire The Dust Coda Blind River Skam Smoking Martha Stand Amongst Giants Massive Tequila Mockingbyrd Killcode Those Damn Crows Everyday Heroes Dead Man’s Whiskey Doomsday Outlaw Ryders Creed