18 September 2018

Route 666 HRH C.R.O.W.S Special

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After spending a rockin’ weekend in the steel city celebrating all things Outlaw Country and Southern Rock Smudge pays tribute to some of the bands that played the inaugural HRH CROWS festival plus a couple of the bands already confirmed for next year…. Get a load of this

Hour 1
Gorilla Riot – Dirty
Scarlette Fever – Crash And Burn
Case Hardin – These Three Cities
The Outlaw Orchestra – Back To Georgia
Federal Charm – Swing Sinner
Buffalo Summer – Water To Wine
Zack Logan – Draw Me Nearer
Zack Logan – Annalee
Western Sand – Take It Away
StoneWire – Southern Honey
StoneWire – When The Crow Flies
Elles Bailey – Same Flame
Elles Bailey – Barrel Of Your Gun

Hour 2
Dan Baird – Rock This Place
Dan Baird – Shake It Til Its Sore
Jared James Nichols – Haywire
Rebecca Downes – Night Train
Rebecca Downes – Round And Round
Thirteen Stars – Tired Of Waiting
Broken Witt Rebels – Bang Bang
Broken Witt Rebels – Turn Me On
Devon Allman – Galaxies
Pig Iron – Lord Kill The Pain
Voodoo Six – Doing Me Wrong
Doomsday Outlaw – Fallback
Kentucky Headhunters – Jukebox Full Of Fun
Molly Hatchet – Under The Gun