11 November 2017

Samarkind – “Samarkind”


Following the success of their first single, ‘Sun Stroke Heart’, multi-national hard rock blues group SAMARKIND have announced their self-titled debut album will be released on 24th November 2017. The release of this eight track, 33 minutes album release is set to be one of the highlights of the year for lovers of rock that’s to the point and crafted with talent, passion and care.

Samarkind features charismatic Irish frontman David Paul Byrne, Polish guitarist Michal Kulbaka, Ireland’s Mark Dempsey on bass guitar, and South African born drummer Marius Appelgryn. Recorded at Westland Studio in Dublin with producer Alwyn Walker; Samarkind’s self-titled debut album is a classy affair that delivers quality soundscapes and stunning, memorable hooks weaving a tapestry throughout the eight tracks. “We hope to have created a work that creates many pictures, with intertwining textures, emotional highs and lows while still maintaining the energy of a full on rock n’ roll album” says David Paul Byrne. Guitarist Michal Kulbaka comments, “This album is the most expansive work of my career, using a vast array of guitar sounds , Strats, Telecasters, Flying V’s and my trusty Les Pauls. Our goal has always been to keep the listener engaged and enthralled, I hope you enjoy the album.”

Black Rain starts off the album, with a feel of ‘The Picturebooks’ at the beginning of the track so I am immediately excited to hear more. The heavy drumming and humming introduces the track, leading to the powerful blues guitar riff and intense vocals, which take the song down a different path. A tempo change half way certainly gives the album an exciting and energetic opening. Black Rain captures your interest, and gets your foot stomping from the start, but the best part of the track is the massive guitar motif towards the end which completes the track perfectly. A unique song which I feel is also one of the strongest on the album. Sun Stroke Heart loses the bluesy beat and develops a chunky riff and bassline which takes you into the midst of some strong traditional rock music, and I have to say I enjoyed bopping around to this track.

Skinny Rivers is full of life and has all the qualities you need from a great rock song. Funky guitar riffs and those strong, gravelly vocals deliver a huge dose of pleasure. Good Man Call slows everything down. A beautiful song with intense lyrics. This track stands alone on the album with its touching storyline of war and suffering of children, it certainly makes for an emotional experience. Thru That Door takes the rock n roll path, and makes for one of my favourite tracks of the album. Fire and Blood has a strong drum beat from the start and remarkable guitar work throughout. Lyrics such as ‘you don’t like my car, you don’t like my name, always talking about the things you want even though they are the same, you don’t like my house, you don’t like my game.’ I asked vocalist David Paul Byrne what this is about and here’s his reply: “Hi Deb, yeah Fire and Blood, slightly tongue in cheek, do you ever meet a person man or woman that is so negative that nothing is any good for them? Well I have, and the track is a little riposte to those type of people, there’s no pleasing them. What they need is a bit of metaphorical fire and blood”. Touch Stone Man sounds like the start of ‘In the Summertime’ at the beginning and is back to a country/blues sound, which made me want to docey doe and roll up my trouser legs. Nevertheless, a great track demonstrating the vast extent of the talents of this band. Blue Mountain is a fantastically bluesy track which showcases the vocals of David Paul Byrne, and has an amazing guitar riff throughout as well as intricate guitar work overlaying it. In the same vein as Black Rain, you are taken by surprise half way, when the tempo goes into supercharged mode, hitting you with a minute or so of frantic blues rock, before you’re brought back down to earth.

In summary, this album showcases a brilliant combination of blues rock and traditional rock music, as well as occasionally morphing into a completely unique sound laced with elements of country/Irish music. Intense lyrics, powerful vocals and intricate guitar work take you on a blues rock inspired journey which has been perfectly produced.

David Paul Byrne told me “We’ve been astounded by the reaction so far from fans and media alike and we’re really hungry to take this out on the road, so looking forward to touring the UK next year”.

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‘A unique album packed with intense lyrics, powerful vocals and intricate guitar work’