02 February 2017

Seaway, WSTR, The Gospel Youth and Little Bribes

Seaway, WSTR, The Gospel Youth and Little Bribes.

All images copyrighted by Manny Manson.

Live from the Basement at Rock City, Nottingham, January 31st 2017.

Canadian Pop Punk band headlined a 4 band school night at the Basement in Rock City. A later than normal start of 7:30 meant that Seaway wouldn’t be on until 10:10 and a Curfew of 11:00pm gave them 50 minutes to show the assembled crowd, almost entirely made up from students, why they are over here on their 4th U.K. tour.

A night where lighting was a challenge, the music more than made up for it… The crowd easily set the atmosphere  singing their hearts out to the delight of the bands

Ryan Locke easily smashed it as the frontman of the night …