16 November 2018

SheWolf Unsigned 15.11.19 – with Linda Parker






Did you miss SHEWOLF UNSIGNED this week.
Here’s your chance to have another listen

Playing tracks from…..

Burn Down The District, Brand New Me, Bent To Break,
Carry The Crown, Breakaway, Broken Jaw, Gundacker, Troyen , Viridian Dawn, False Flags, The Symptoms of now ,
Imperium, Graces Down Fall, RavenBreed,  Damnedged,  Digital Criminals, A Born Disaster, Aren Drift, Blindside Thunder, Hollowstar, Mandora, King Kraken CrashDollz, Formby

This Weeks Playlist….

Burn Down The District – Burn
Brand New Me – Flood
Bent To Break – Wrath
Carry The Crown – Forever
Breakaway – At The World
Broken Jaw – Beneath My Skin
Gundacker – Scene Of The Crime
Troyen – Backlash
Viridian Dawn – High Hope 46
False Flags – Rock For The Living, Rock For The Dead
The Symptoms of Now – English Summer
Imperium – Dare To Defy
King Kraken – Under The Sun
RavenBreed – Falling Away
Damnedged – The Shinning
Digital Criminals – Jump
A Born Disaster – The Art Of Futility
Aren Drift – Snow Queen
Blindside Thunder – Human Race
Hollowstar – Future City
Mandora – Chances
Graces DownFall – Lie
Crash Dollz – Bad Taste Barbie
Formby – The Sea Of Tranquility