25 January 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 24.1.19 – with Linda Parker






Did you miss SheWolf Unsigned this week? Here is another chance to listen to it!
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Plus this weeks interview with Metal Band ASHBORN

Featuring music from
Hadrian, The Five Hundred, Wovenlung, Four Skulls, Damn Dice, Enemy Within, Whore No More, Chasing Shadows, Dead Before Mourning, White Raven Down, Ashborn, Korotory, Tokyo Storm ,
Silke Berlinn, The Sign, A Dead Desire, Your Screaming Silence, Authority, Stealth Moose, Witchgrinder, Forever Still, To Write With Embers

This weeks playlist
Hadrian – Mothership
The Five Hundred – Come Close
Wovenlung – Hold My Heart
Four Skulls – 1000 Souls
Damn Dice – Power
Enemy Within – Embrace The Beast
Chasing Shadows – Pretty Thing
Whore No More – Cross An Ocean
Dead Before Mourning – Once More To War
White Raven Down – Not Alone
Korotory – Rebel For Life
Ashborn – Every World ( Plus Interview )
Tokyo Storm – Summer Feeling
Silke Berlinn – Fantasy
The Sign – Man With A Silhouette
A Dead Desire – With Melodic Irony
Your Screaming Silence – You Don’t Care
Authority – Acantha
Stealth Moose – Becoming
Witchgrinder – Haunted
Forever Still – Awake The Fire
To Write With Embers – My Phoenix