14 September 2018

SheWolf Unsigned – Linda Parker 13.9.18






Did you miss SheWolf Unsigned this week?
Here’s your chance to have another listen

Playing tracks from….. Gutterflower, For The Broken, American Evil, Broken Silence, Carry The Crown, Empyre
Life Against Time, Mudlark, Nova Crow, Tripwire, Damaged & Co, Grizzleroot, Emperors Of The Wasteland,
Naut, Gulls, Orpo Piru, Chasing Shadows, Coyote Mad Seeds, Devil Red, Inacoma

This weeks Playlist…

GutterFlower – Inked Meat

For The Broken – Victim

American Evil – Evil Things

Broken Silence – Scapegoat

Carry The Crown – Choices

Empyre – Cut To The Core

Life Against Time – Surrender

Mudlark – Come Clean

Nova Crow – The Mantra

Tripwire – Decimation

Damaged & Co – Here To Stay

Grizzleroot – Up To No Good ( Plus Interview from The Drunken Monkey Rock Festival )

Emperors Of The Wasteland – Mickey Finn

Naut – Disintegration

Gulls – The Nun

Orpo Piru – Universe Within

Chasing Shadows – Pretty Thing

Coyote Mad Seeds – Get Out Of My Way

Devil Red – Lovers Tiff

Fixated – Afflicted

Iron Sun – Devils Wheel

Inacoma – Isn’t That True