15 February 2019

SheWolf Unsigned Valentines Special 14.2.19 – with Linda Parker






SheWolf Unsigned Podcast of the Valentines Day Special All Dayer this week from Midlands Metalheads Radio Just in case you were being too Romantic to listen the first time round!

Featuring Music from ….
Elysium Sky, Fly By Fire, Kung Fu Chicken Fighters, As December Falls, Audio Tap, Eyes Of The Raven,
Aeonian Dog, 100 Proof Justice, The StrawKites, Blind Daze, 3 Days Later, Cairo Son, Dog State,
Spudgun Assassins, FyreSky, Alice Sweet Alice, Erica, Cookie Break, Tokyo Storm, Devils Playground,
Gulls, In Crowded Skies, Black Neon Knights, Avarus

Elysium Sky – Echoes From Nothing
Fly By Fire – Dirty Love
Kung Fu Chicken Fighters – Jazz Club
As December Falls – More To You
At The Sun – Breath
Audio Tap – I’m Alright
Eyes Of The Raven – Crown Of Sepents
Aeonian Dog – Run
100 Proof Justice – 100 Proof Justice
The StrawKites – Cluster
Blind Daze – All I Can Be
3 Days Later – Wheels Of Industry
Cairo Son – Confession
Dog State – Never Enough
Spudgun Assassins – Believe in Me
FyreSky – Starchaser
Alice Sweet Alice – Blood Roses
Erica – Human
Cookie Break – Doll House
Tokyo Storm – Fire In Your Yes
Devils Playground – Cross The Line
Gulls – Unsociety
In Crowded Skies – Count Me In
Black Neon Knights – Walk Away
Avarus – Hope is all We’ve Got