01 September 2018

Skid’s Top 10 Albums of all time !

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I made the mistake of asking the boss!

It went something like this ” i have an idea … what if  the staff at MM put down their favourite albums out there , just to show what types of music we like, where we get our inspiration from and to show the listenership where we are at in terms of rock music” … he (the boss) replied .. ” i like it … off you go and do it!”

So numb nuts here made a list. I failed at the 1st hurdle as i suggested a top 10 , i eventually whittled it down to 11!

In no particular order (apart from the top 3) here are my choices

11. Van Halen – Van Halen – (1978)

       The best debut album of all time ?? (#10 is a contender) , it introduced “tapping” and brought to         the attention of the world the genius of EVH. Without this album, many metal guitarists would  not be around today. It is stunning , even today

10.  Appetite for destruction – Guns N Roses – (1987)

       It brought a new generation of rock fans , it blew away the excesses of the early 80’s and introduced us to whistles and top hats. It was dangerous and so were they. I saw them at a club  in London called the Marquee around this time… exciting times

9. Narita – RIOT (1979)

   Such an underrated band, they burned bright but only for a short time. An album that every rock fan should own, although their mascot was a fury animal , don’t let that put you off. The album was named after an instrumental !!

8. Bomber – Motorhead (1979)

 The “classic ” line up of Kilminster, Clarke and Taylor. They made some incredible albums, this is my favourite because of ‘Stone dead forever”.

7.Temple of the dog – Temple of the dog (1990)

The grunge scene came together after the death of Mother Love Bone’s singer Andrew Wood’s death just after the release of their debut album “Apple” (which was my #12 album) and they made this one off album in his memory. Incredible .

6. Love Drive – Scorpions (1979)

I am a Michael Schenker nut, yet there are no UFO or MSG studio albums in my top 11 (wait for my live albums for him) but he did play lead guitar on this Scorpions classic. For a young teenager it wasn’t just the album cover that got my attention , but the fret work of the man himself  as well as the contents .

5. Heaven and Hell – Black Sabbath (1980)

We all know what happened when Ozzy departed from Sabbath , in came RJD and between them they produced this monster metal album. If you want a heated discussion over a pint or two, just ask “Ozzy or Dio”.For me it is Dio for every time, just because of this album. An all time classic.

4. War of Kings – Europe (2012)

Europe are the only band that in my opinion that get better as they get older. If you know nothing of Europe apart from “that song” , give this a spin, it is as catchy as the flu , you will not be disappointed.

3. Throwing Copper – LIVE (1994)

Every track is a monster. Just give it a go, you will never be the same again. It isn’t heavy, but my god its addictive. A phenomenal piece of work.

2. Killers – Iron Maiden (1981)

I first saw Maiden on this tour and have been hooked ever since, i never got 7th Son etc but i do concede that Bruce is a better singer than Di’Anno (i loved BB too) , but at this time in their career they were the vanguard of the NWoBHM and live they were as punky as they were metal . Killer contains my favourite Maiden track of all time “Murders in the Rue Morgue”.

1. Powerage – AC/DC (1978)

Simply put, this is the greatest rock album ever made.

Cheers Skid

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