04 November 2018

Songs To Ruin – blink182 Special 1.11.18

🚨Listen In Again for another band special ✊SONGS TO RUIN✊ Midlands Metalheads Radio 8-10pm – for the Music Collection You Left Behind! 🚨 🤘

2 Whole hours dedicated to blink-182

For the music They Had Left Behind

You’ll Hear from all the great singles they have to this date, from the likes of ….
⬇ ⬇ ⬇
Cheshire Cat
Dude Ranch
Enema Of The State
Take Of Your Pants And Your Jacket
Blink-182 (Self Titled)
Dogs Eating Dogs
and…. California

Not only this, but you’ll hear songs from their other bands that they progressed into

Box Car Racer
Angels and Airwaves

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