28 July 2016

Staff Picks- Bloodstock 2016- Andy

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The UK’s biggest independent metal festival Bloodstock Festival takes place in Catton Hall on the 11th to the 14th of August. With what can be said to be a very mixed main stage and a extremely strong range of bands on the smaller stages. New team member Andy runs a list of ten bands to see at Bloodstock.

1. Vodun- If I had to pick a single band not to miss at Bloodstock it would be Vodun.

Playing the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Saturday Vodun is a band that has incorporated some very weird and wonderful psychedelic soul into their heavy riffed music. With influences from African music and voodoo themed lyrics this is one band you must see! Watch

2. Ten Ton SlugWinners of Ireland’s Metal to the masses Ten Ton Slug is a slug that consumed five humans and leaves a wake of sludge and groove chaos . With their debut EP coming out later this year this is one band that will shake the new blood stage on Saturday to the core.Watch 

3. Evil Scarecrow– SCUTTLE LEFT….SCUTTLE RIGHT… ATTACK!. Yes they are back again with their very unique and hilarious spin on metal, watch out for thousands of people doing a robot type motion and ballroom dancing as these five lunatics play the Ronnie James Dio stage on the Friday.  Watch

4. IsarnosPlaying the Jager stage on the Friday Isarnos put twist on traditional folk metal. featuring some harsh vocal parts and melodic death metal influences with the common folk instruments we all know and love from the folk metal world. Watch

5. Twisted Sister- In their last ever UK show heavy metal legends Twisted Sister are sure to put on one hell of a show you sure do not want to miss. Watch 

6. Behemoth– How could Behemoth not end up on this list? IT’S BEHEMOTH! With lots of invisible oranges to be held up high with crushing blackend death metal, and to top it all of they are playing the highly successful 2014 album The Satanist in its full glory!. Watch

7. Goatwhore– Rounding of the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday night we have New Orleans metalers Goatwhore bringing some blackend death thrash right into your face. Watch

8. MemoriamMade up of members from Benediction and Bolt Thrower and others . Memoriam are bringing some old school death metal along with Bolt Throwers own war metal brand to the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday. Watch 

9. Boss Keloid– When powerful sludge metal blends into the progressive realm of music you get Boss Keloid. With the release of crushing album Herb Your Enthusiasm this is cracking booking from the Bloodstock team. Watch 

10. Desert Storm– Blues stoner metal outfit Desert Storm kick of the Sunday on the Sophie Lancaster stage and are sure to get those who are hungover a good old shake up and spring them back to life. Watch

I know i said ten but this had to get a mention.

11. Simon Hall (Beholder) doing a forward roll on stage in the name of charity. Thats right you read that right Simon Hall is going to do a forward roll right after Beholder have finished decimating the Sophie Lancaster stage on Friday. This is sure to be absolutely hilarious so please donate to support the cause and help raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Donate- https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hallball

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation- http://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/

Tickets are still available for Bloodstock and can be found in the link below.