03 April 2019


Having recently toured with NWOCR favourites Gin Annie, STATEMENT have now gained many new friends and fans, here in the UK.The loveable Danes released their 3rd album FORCE OF LIFE on 1st March 2019, it’s a bit of a turnaround for these guys who have spent most of their years playing extreme metal in well known Danish bands. Getting together in 2011, they decided to return to earlier influences and play a more classic, melodic type of rock, that is infused with riffs and pure, intense vocals.

The opening track ‘The Hero Inside’ starts off with a lot of whoas, whoas, it’s a fast racing rocker with lots of tuneful riffs. Singer Jannick Brochdorf has a powerful, yet clear way of getting his lyrics into your head, his style is what you would expect from a marauding Norseman. ‘Darkness In Your Eyes’ continues the theme, nice pacy vocals and streaming twin guitars from Niels Alex Larson and Lars Ulrik Le Fevre. I like ‘Higher Ground’ which is more melodic, the chorus reminds me of Alice Coopers ‘Poison’, It’s all quite easy going for a few minutes. ‘The Hurt’ is a salad bowl, a mixture of styles that you could call experimental or too much of a mishmash. 1960’s Cream, anthem chanting and heavy riffs, together make it a bit fragmented, nevertheless it’s still listenable.

The title track ‘Force Of Life’ has a wicked intro, more grunge sounding and a chance for Daniel Nielson to thunderously pelt his drum-kit and Martin Poulsen to shine on his Bass.To cover The Mamas and Papas’ west coast classic ‘California Dreaming’ must seem an odd choice for a metal band, however they do it in STATEMENT style. Lots of deep rift guitar, resonant lead vocals, while keeping the harmonies tight, it really is a clever piece of work. ‘Rock Your Heart’ is slower, heavy and trashy. Stone Sour/Metallica with a hook of a chorus and Brochdorf’s distinct vocals, that allow STATEMENT to sound pretty original when standing alongside their contemporaries.The album draws to a close with a ballad ‘In This Moment’ unusual to do this at the end, but it is a cool relaxing song and has a feel good factor.

Well, in order for a Viking enter Valhalla and enjoy a glorious afterlife, they have to be courageous in this one. STATEMENT need not worry, FORCE OF LIFE is full of brave vocals, thunderous pounding backlines and riffs that any axe hero would be honoured to recreate. Odin will welcome them with open arms. But before they depart to feast in the Great Hall, let us hope they produce more albums like this one and hopefully tour the UK again.

‘Odin will welcome them with open arms’

Highlights – California Dreaming , Rock Your Heart , Force Of Life

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FORCE OF LIFE is available on CD,LP, ITunes, Spotify, Deezer and all major streaming platforms. You can also order from Target Shop here