28 April 2019

StOp sToP / Get Selfied – Released 15/4/2019

2007 saw the formation of StOp sToP in their native Barcelona, it wasn’t a straightforward task for Frontman and Bass player Jacob Mofo who spent a lot of time searching for the right combination. But in his home city he finally found the guys that would lead to the debut album ‘Unlimited’ in 2010.  Seeking a higher profile, they decided to move to Birmingham in 2011, this seemed a strange manoeuvre, but after a couple of years things started to look up. After the second album, ‘Join The Party’ in 2014, gaining them a deal with the Metalapolis label, their career has gone on to improve even more. The 3rd release in 2016 ‘Barceloningham’ was well received and heads started to take notice. With Festivals all over Europe now under their belts, the band have released the 4th Album ‘Get Selfied’ and a UK tour is on the cards this year.

How to describe Stop Stop? Think of the glam New York Dolls, add some AC/DC guitar and mix in the high vocals of Bang Tango’s, Joe Lestè  and finally the melody that Aerosmith can rattle off. A lot in the bowl I agree, but this isn’t a band you can easily categorise. Jacob is seen in clown face paint on many an occasion, sort of Zal Cleminson meets Leo Sayer, providing a nice slant on the theatrical. So you get the picture, vivacious, entertaining and uncontrollable flamboyance.

The starter ‘Renegade’ is Jacob’s screaming vocals with a cheesy smile, a constant buzz on guitar and a popping solid back up. ‘The Last Call’ is a rock and roll epic, wow what a foot mover, absolutely nailed. Guaranteed to be played and played on radio and covered by bands all over the shop, it’s that good. Watch the amazing video below !

Hard to follow that, but ‘Bite The Bully’ is another racy track. The vocals are lower and more gravelly and the guitar of Vega Vega gets a warm up, with a cute little hook. I love the way Jacob can scream one minute and scratch his throat on the dirt the next, superb range. ‘On The Red LIne’ continues with steadiness, we get the same beat but a little diluted. When we reach ‘You Drive Me Loco’ the tempo is slowed way down. Bluesy with harmonies and erotic guitar wailing, its an inspirational Southern swamp-laden, work of art. ’Son Of A Beast’ is more sleazy and off-beat, it even touches on Jazz in places. Although, you do sense a whiff of humour in the proceedings. To be honest, I had to check whether ‘Have It’ was an Extreme cover, no it’s not, but so in the style of their ‘Get The Funk Out’. It’s quite refreshing and adds another direction to ‘Get Selfied’. ‘Trending Topic’ is where the similarity to Aerosmith comes in, but it’s manageable. The bouncy rocker strolls along with more cool guitar and we soon come to the last track ‘You’re Rock & Roll’ ending on the up, with a fitting singalong, ‘Rock & Roll’, oh yes to the end. 

With the tour and this release, I think 2019 is going to be mega for StOp sToP. They fill a gap with their carefree attitude and humorous approach, giving us something to smile about in these far too dark times, even the cover reminds me of a Monty Python cartoon. This album is a mixture of sounds and I’m surprised just how creative the Brummie adopted guys are. You can get a copy of ‘Get Selfied’ at all the usual platforms, see here or below for the links. There will also be plenty of chances to see them live in the forthcoming months, definitely worth checking them out one way or another.  


‘This Isn’t a band you can easily categorise’ 

Highlights – The Last Call, You Drive Me Loco, Have It 

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