Jodie Mills

If there’s one thing I enjoy in this world above a lot of things it’s music. It’s a cliché kind of thing to say that you can’t live without it but once those first soundwaves enter your earlobes not only are there connections made on a neuroscience level but there are connections made on a spiritual level. To me, the first music to fully pierce my soul was rock music. I (fortunately) vaguely remember listening to the parmesans, brie’s and mozzarellas of the late 90’s/early 00’s pop scene and never really knowing any different. However, that quickly changed when I first heard bands like Slipknot. It was on a school coach trip where I had my first encounter with their music and it was unlike anything I’d ever heard. After that, I rapidly built a library of new music in my brain and I was reborn. Those were the days (that phrase is not limited to one generation in my books)! Since then, I discovered a plethora of new music, genres and artists ranging from classic rock to folk to jazz to punk to Jrock to blues and more. These days I’d put Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Blue October, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell and many others at the top of my list!