01 February 2019

The 100% Proof Breakfast Show 1.2.19

The podcast of the Breakfast Show that aired live on Friday February 1st 2019, featuring all the bands appearing on the bill of the Frontiers Rock Festival at the Birmingham Institute, as well as an interview with Nathan James from Inglorious and all the top quality rock tracks you expect!


Tracklist –

Rainbow – Snake Charmer

Gun – Stand In Line

Megadeth – Have Cool, Will Travel

Whitesnake – Judgement Day

Bad Touch – Too Many Times

Def Leppard – Hello America

David Lee Roth – Perfect Timing

Led Zeppelin – Custard Pie

Hollowstar – Holding It Together

City Of Thieves – Animal

Doomsday Outlaw – Over And Over

Bigfoot – The Fear

Vega – Only Human

Wayward Sons – Ghost

Inglorious – Where Are You Now?

Fallen Mafia – How The Story Ends

Samarkind – Sun Stroke Heart

Poison – Look What The Cat Dragged In

Poison – So Tell Me Why

Collateral – Midnight Queen

Massive – Roses

Weezer – Knock Down Drag Out

Thin Lizzy – Chinatown

Hell’s Addiction – The Way I Feel

Crazy Lixx – Death Row

Skid Row – Monkey Business