24 April 2014

The continued resurgence of vinyl and the return of Wax Trax?

Vinyl as a music format has been making quite a remarkable recovery over the last few years, particularly in the punk, metal and alternative scenes. Record Store Day events see people queuing in their hundreds for a chance to own collectable releases.
It seems that the vinyl virus is catching as there has been a proliferation of releases within the electronic industrial scene in recent weeks and still to come.


junoJuno Reactor‘s 8th album “The golden sun of the great east” (originally released in 2013) is getting a vinyl release. Three colour combinations (black vinyl, white/pink vinyl mix and gold) are available and all come with a download code. Juno Reactor play this year’s Infest festival in Bradford during August bank holiday weekend.


downloadAvailable for pre-order on vinyl is Download‘s “LingAM” album (featuring cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy), their first on vinyl in over 10 years. This one is on three variations too, Blue/Black vinyl, white vinyl and Black vinyl, again all with download code.


flaWe’ve already reported on the Front Line Assembly remix album ‘Echoes’ which too is getting all waxey. Four different colours this time! Silver, green/black, clear and black vinyl.


3teethA particularly interesting release comes from rising industrial stars 3TƎETH. “3TƎETH + Remixes” comes on splatter vinyl and a tooth-shaped USB. Pre-orders have already sold out showing the rising popularity of such packages.


We mustn’t forget that Combichristcombichrist have released their recent albums on tasty double vinyl pressings. Their latest album ‘We Love You’ is no exception, released on double vinyl with a free CD copy to boot.


And to top it all off, it appears that the label responsible for a whole generation of electronic cocksureindustrial music (much of it on vinyl), the legendary Wax Trax, is back. Watch their space for news of a vinyl release of the Cocksure single “TKO Mindfuck”. It will hold 3 songs and will be available mid-June on a 12″ vinyl and as digital download. The single features Richard 23 from Front 242 on guest vocals. Cocksure are Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Acid Horse, PTP) & Jason Novak (Acumen Nation, Czar).